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25 April 2014    
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6:00pm - Doors Open

6:30pm - Meeting Begins: Welcome, Problem Clinic, Top Tips

7:00pm - Main Presentation Part 1

7:50pm - Break

8:10pm - Main Presentation Part 2

9:00pm - Presentation Ends. Retire To Bar.

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Introductory and Advanced Node.js with Gary Short
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Posted by: host Thursday, September 01, 2011 12:19 PM

When: Monday 3rd October 2011, doors open 6:00pm, meeting starts 6:30pm

Where: UWE (University of the West of England), Frenchay, Bristol (see FAQ for directions and a map) - Room 2q49

What: Introductory and Advanced Node.js

Who: Gary Short, MVP, Developer Express Evangelist, Two Times Top Speaker at DDD South West, Holder Of The Holy Chalice Of Avalon, Keeper Of The Wild Beasts Of Trall

Why: Because Node.js is server side JavaScript. You can run it on IIS on the server - not a browser in sight. There are those who say JavaScript is the only programming language that will exist in 10 years. Come and see what JavaScript did next. Also because Gary is an excellent speaker, always rated highly, often rated the best, and well worth the price of admission.

How do I sign up for this meeting: Log in to the site, go to the Meetings page and on the top right hand side you will see a box "Register For A Meeting". Select the month in the drop down and then click on the Register link.

So NodeJS is this really cool way of writing non-blocking, server side code, in a really crappy language. Well maybe that's unfair, Javascript has some really, really good bits, and we'll stick to using the really good bits in this session, which starts with an introduction to Node.js. Then I'll show you how to build a RESTful API in NodeJS, how to use it in Node - including routing - and how to wrap in all up in a package that can be installed using NPM. Not bad for an hour and a half's work, hell, we may even have the odd laugh along the way. :-)

Having advised several North African states on the quality of their governments, and finding his advice taken a little too much to heart perhaps, Gary has left the world of diplomacy and has now returned to the UK to take up his role working for Developer Express in the position of Developer Evangelist. Gary has an interest in data mining the social web to provide business intelligence. He regularly speaks at conferences throughout the UK, Europe and the US.

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