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19 April 2014    
Meetings Agenda

6:00pm - Doors Open

6:30pm - Meeting Begins: Welcome, Problem Clinic, Top Tips

7:00pm - Main Presentation Part 1

7:50pm - Break

8:10pm - Main Presentation Part 2

9:00pm - Presentation Ends. Retire To Bar.

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Pex and Moles with Steve Strong
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Posted by: host Wednesday, December 01, 2010 6:05 AM
When: Wednesday 12th January 2011, doors open 6:00pm, meeting starts 6:30pm Where: UWE (University of the West of England), Frenchay, Bristol (see FAQ for directions and a map) - Room 2q49 What: Pex and Moles Who: Steve Strong, founder of iMeta, contributor to NHibernate, developer's developer, techie and great presenter. Why: Because Pex can find bugs in your software that even the most comprehensive unit test suite cannot. Also because Moles can even mock the .NET Framework. Also because Steve is brilliant - he is a full-on, tech-heavy presenter who talks to developers at the developer level. No marketing slides here, just loads of try-and-keep-up content. How do I sign up for this meeting: Log in to the site, go to the Meetings page and on the top right hand side you will see a box "Register For A Meeting". Select the month in the drop down and then click on the Register link. Abstract: TBA... Bio: TBA... .
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